Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My 22nd Birthday!

Since my 22nd birthday fell on a Tuesday, I wasn't really looking forward to it as much as I usually would because Tuesdays are my longest and earliest days of work. This is the first year I've ever had to do something on my birthday... Usually my birthday falls during winter vacation, but not here! Nevertheless, my birthday ended up being really great! First of all, 2 of my 5 classes got canceled, so that already made my day better!  Then, around noon, I got a phone call and a knock at the door... My sister had sent me a birthday cake!

To make my day even better, Daniel took me out to dinner! We went to Capri, which is the Italian restaurant located in the Sheraton. We had a delicious dinner, including rack of lamb and risotto!! To finish the night, Daniel had pre-ordered a surprise birthday cake! It even had my name written on it on a little chocolate plaque!

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  1. fancy cakes and nice dinner..so fitting for queen z hahaha..nice to see some pics, post more!!